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Academic & Student Services

Health and Medical care

The University has a primary healthcare center on the Campus, managed by a team of doctors supported by nurses/para-medical staff, that caters to the basic out-patient treatment. There are a few beds for emergency in-patient treatment. The treatment in the UoH's Health Centre is available free of charge. However, a student has to use his/her own resources/insurance in case of treatment in the hospitals outside the Campus. All the prospective students are required to buy an appropriate health insurance policy before arriving in India. It is essential that the students' health insurance policy remains valid throughout the period of the students' stay in this University. In case of emergency, and if your health insurance covers such medical costs, the duty doctor may refer you to an appropriate hospital in the city and arrange to send you by the University ambulance service.

Residential facilities for international students

Academic life is just one part of the experience as a University student. UoH strives to create the best possible student housing on campus. Tagore International House (TIH) provides room and board for international students, if requested. The TIH has several single- and double- occupancy rooms. It has a computer room, an open lounge, and a recreation room. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the dining hall, if a student subscribes to the Meal Pla