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FAQ about IMSc. Health Psychology

What is Health Psychology? 

Health psychology is a holistic perspective to Health and Well being. The holistic approach shifts the emphasis of health from biomedical to biopsychosocial model. Health psychology is the field within psychology devoted to understanding psychological influences on how people stay healthy, why they become ill, and how they respond when they do get ill. It focuses on health promotion and maintenance, prevention and treatment of illnesses; the etiology and correlates of heath, illness and dysfunction and improvement of health care system.

What are the prospects for Health Psychologists?

They work closely with medical professionals

They can also work independently

They can do research and examine the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors in producing health and illness

They conduct counseling for the psychosocial problems that illness may create

They develop worksite interventions to improve employees health habits

They work as consultants in organizations to improve health and health care delivery

Who is eligible for the course?

Students who completed their +2/Intermediate in Science or Arts with a first class can apply for the course.

What are the criteria for selection?

The students will have to appear for an entrance test. Those who are selected after the screening in entrance test will be called for an interview.

What is tested in entrance test?

The entrance test is for 75 marks. The question paper has multiple choice objective questions. The students will be tested for their aptitude in Psychology, (a broad idea about Psychology is necessary), knowledge in Biology, Mathematics and proficiency in English. 

What is taught in the course?

IMSc. Health Psychology aims at laying a strong foundation in Psychology in the first three years and focus on Health Psychology in the 4th and 5th year.

In the first three years the students learn apart from Psychology, Mathematics, Biology, Environmental Studies, IT, English Language, Social Sciences and Logic.

Does the course involve Lab work?

Apart from the theoretical inputs, the course involves experiments in the laboratory, Internship, Project work, dissertation and seminar paper presentation. 

What if the student needs additional academic help?

The students will have tutorials that provide academic reinforcement.

PG Diploma in Counseling Psychology

What is the significance of the course?

Centre for Health Psychology is offering a PG Diploma in Counseling Psychology. Indians have been experiencing changes in all the institutions because of internal and external factors. The stress level of people in all age groups and all sectors is generally observed to be progressively increasing. Unfortunately there is an acute shortage of professional help for psychosocial problems. The need for professional counselors in every sector is very high. The PG Diploma in Counseling Psychology aims to fill this professional gap by producing professional counselors.

What is taught in the course?

The candidates who join the course will have a strong foundation in theoretical aspects and practical skills in counseling. The practical sessions in counseling will thoroughly train the students in counseling skills. The students will be guided to conduct applied research in the field and will have to submit a dissertation�

How is this course different from other courses in Counseling?

This one year professional course is a value addition to the Post graduate degree in Psychology or allied subjects.

The emphasis of the course is on intensive training in professional skills of counseling

The students get trained in the counselling lab using latest technology

A combination of laboratory training, internship in hospital and community exposure is a complete training for the students

PhD Programme

What is the Research Focus of the Centre?

Holistic Approach to chronic diseases

Trauma and Pain Management

Coping with life stress.


Who is eligible?

A student with JRF (Psychology) or a Post Graduate Degree in Psychology or allied subjects is eligible.

What is the criterion for selection?

Entrance test & interview. Those with JRF qualification need not appear in the entrance test

What is tested in entrance test?

The candidate�s competence in the subject of Psychology, Research Methods and Proficiency in English is tested.