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Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences


The Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences is an interdisciplinary research Centre  affiliated to the School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad focusing upon the areas of cognitive science and neuroscience. It brings together researchers from various disciplines such as physics, psycholinguistics , computer science, cognitive psychology, neurobiology and philosophy to ponder upon the nature of cognition and how brain functions.


The Centre offers doctoral level program with courses in interdisciplinary subjects that include neuroscience, cognitive science, psycholinguistics, philosophy of mind and cognitive/computational modelling for students majoring with relevant degrees in sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences. It has received generous assistance from the University Grants Commission, DBT and DST towards major research projects and infrastructural facilities. CNCS faculty and other researchers collaborate extensively both nationally and internationally in cutting edge research areas. CNCS in the past has hosted national and international symposium/ workshops in neuroscience and cognitive sciences. CNCS wishes to be at the forefront of cognitive and neuroscience research providing graduate and postgraduate training in these interdisciplinary areas.

Prof. Ramesh Mishra is the head of the Center

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