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Centre for Women’s Studies

The Centre for Women’s studies (CWS), at the University of Hyderabad, is an interdisciplinary programme in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Performing arts, Communication, Management and the Natural Sciences.

It is a stand alone Centre collaborating with different faculty and schools. It has a Local Advisory Board comprising of members from different Schools, to run its day to day affairs.

Back Ground:

  • HCU had a Women’s Studies Cell that has been operational since 1984. This was alternatively located in the School of Social Sciences and the School of Humanities.
  • The Cell offered a course titled Social Construction of Gender as an optional course for M.A.
  • It successfully organized various seminars and workshops.
  • Many faculty members participated in Refresher programmes on Gender issues.
  • Various projects were completed under the aegis of the cell.
  • It is this Cell that has now been upgraded to a Centre from June 2007 onwards.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Main stream gender issues in teaching and research.
  • To actively coordinate courses on gender and women in different departments, introduce new areas of gender research.
    Build a systematic data base on gender issues.
  • Work towards a Master’s programme in Women’s Studies and thus enhance the emphasis on inter-face studies in the University as a whole.

Teaching and Research:

  • The Centre offers an M.Phil and Ph.D. programme in Gender Studies.
  • This consists of four courses, Introduction to Gender Studies, Feminist Theories, Methodologies and the Women’s Movement, Gender Science and Technology and a Seminar Course in the first semester and in the second semester the students have to write a thesis on their chosen area.
  • The Centre members also offer different courses in the other departments of the University. Some of these include Women's History, Women and Partition, Women’s Movements in India, Feminist Political Theory and Sociology of Gender, and Gender and Development.
  • The Centre also collaborates with other Universities, Colleges and offers orientation and refresher courses in Gender Studies.
  • The Centre has taken up various research projects.

Areas of Research:

  • Population and Reproductive Health
  • Women and the Environment
  • Women and Development
  • Problems of the Girl-child
  • Gendered Economics
  • Women and Science
  • Gender Violence
  • Women, Society and Law
  • Women and religion
  • Women and Entrepreneurship
  • Women and Globalization
  • Women in Management
  • Women in the Diaspora
  • Women and/in Media
  • Women's Movements
  • Women and Performing Arts
  • Women and Body Politics
  • Women and information technology
  • Women and Intersecting Marginalities

Future Programmes:

  • The Centre will build up documentation in the area of gender studies and women’s movement across disciplines.
  • It will take up translations of critical texts to make them more accessible to a wide range of readers.
  • The Centre will build a data base of primary and secondary sources, archival records, oral histories and other material in vernacular languages.
  • The Centre will create extensive documentation of women’s participation and leadership in protest movements.

Community Outreach and Networking:

  • The women’s centre would contributes effectively through participation and assessment of development projects in the NGO sector.
  • It would help in building capacities of women.
  • It will net work with girl’s colleges and assist in the evolution of women’s studies programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels in colleges and Universities.
  • Teaching and Research
  • Take up research in new emerging areas.
  • Create a data base.
  • Concentrate on Capacity Building Trainings.


Prof. Rekha Pande, (Department of History)  - Gender Studies, Violence against women, Women’s Movement, Women’s Work, Research Methodology, Women’s History, Social and Cultural History , Women and Religion, women and Globalisation. (Head of the Centre).

(Office) / 23133901 


K. Suneetha Rani, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) - Gender Studies, New Literature in English, Cultural Studies, Comparative Studies, Translation Studies.

Associate Professor

Deepa Srinivas, Ph.D. -  (EFLU, Hyderabad) – Cultural Studies, Feminist Pedagogy, Childhood Studies


Centre for Women’s Studies
Malladi Subbamma Building
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad - 500046

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