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Infrastructural Facilities

School has materials preparation and characterization facilities:

Material Preparation facilities:

Nanocluster deposition systems, pulsed laser deposition system, crystal growth equipment, high vacuum coating machine, RF sputtering units, arc‑melting furnace, tempera­ture controlled ovens, cutting and surface polishing equipment.

Material characterization facilities:

INEL X-ray diffractometer with wide angle position sensitive detector, Bruker X-ray diffractometer with GIAD and XRR attachments, Electronic equipment for measurement of electrical and thermal transport properties, vibrating sample magnetometer, closed cycle helium refrigerator, atomic force microscope, vector network analyzer are available.

Laser spectroscopy using pulsed Nd‑YAG high power helium‑neon and nitrogen lasers, dye laser and Femto second laser facilities, ESR, NMR, Mossbauer, laser micro Raman spectrometers, Nano Indenter, C-V & I-V measurement system, Wafer inspection microscope, FESEM , rheometer , optical tweezer are available.

Varieties of EDA tools (complete VLSI tools from FPGA implementation, PCB layout design tools) are also available. Micro fabrication facilities, including mask aligner, scriber, wire bonder, profiler, spin coater, has been recently set up.

Low temperature and high magnetic field facility consisting of a Helium Liquefier and 8 T superconducting magnet are established in the school under a DST project. A liquid Nitrogen plant is also added to complement this facility.

Computer facilities:

Internet and E-Mail facilities are directly accessible from laboratories and faculty offices through LAN with the Computer Centre. The school has a teaching laboratory with 35 terminals connected to a Pentium server. The School attracts substantial funding from agencies such as UGC, CSIR, DST, DAE, DRDO, ISRO and DOE for research work.

CMSD/HPCF computer facility is used for simulation work.