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School of Physics

Dean: Prof. Bindu Anubha Bambah

The School of Physics has developed high quality teaching programmes at the M.Sc. and M.Tech. levels.

The School has research programme to train Ph.D. scholars and has achieved national and international recog­nition in the areas of con­densed matter physics, high energy physics, non-linear optics, quantum optics and laser physics, solid state physics and materials science and electronic science. The areas of research include superconductivity, magnetism, phase transitions, critical phenomena, glasses and ceramics, liquid crystals, thin films, ion-solid interactions, semiconductors and super lattices, nanostructured materials, low-dimensional systems, localization, percolation, molecular dynamics, neural networks, quantum field theory, quantum chromo dynamics, CP violation, heavy quarks, non-linear dynamics, quantum computing, stochastic-quantization, modern quantum optics including Femto second laser experiments and theory, VLSI and Signal processing, ferroelectrics and microwave devices.

UGC has selected the School of Physics as a Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) under Special Assistance Programme effective from 1.4.2004. The School has been identified by DST for support under the new FIST programme at Level II.

UGC has provided funding under DSR I to Center for Advance Studies in Electronic Science and Technology (CASEST).

10th UGC -Networking Resource Centre in Physics is established at the school. The details are available through the below web link.

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For more information: