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Programmes of Study

The Department offers M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes in Telugu.

The M.A. programme in Telugu is of four‑semester duration with all the important areas of study. There are 16 core courses with 52 credits, and a wide range of 21 optional courses with 3 credits each spread over four semesters. The students are required to study four core courses and choose atleast two optional courses in each semester. Thus the students of M.A. Programme have to earn a minimum of 76 credits in order to get the Degree. The courses are designed with an emphasis on the all round development of the personality of the students with an adequate importance to job opportunities. The courses provide a wide range of specializations such as classical, modern and folk literatures, literary criticism and aesthetics, traditional grammar, Telugu linguistics, computer application to Telugu language, and mass media.

The M.Phil. Programme is of two semester duration which includes course work and dissertation.

The Ph.D. programme is entirely a research programme oriented towards studies in classical and modern Telugu literature, comparative literature and culture, history, literary movements and Language studies. The Ph.D. programme will normally extend over a minimum of two years from the date of confirmation of admission. The nature of the programme is individually designed for each candidate but invariably includes a thesis on the ap­proved topic under faculty guidance.