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Programmes of Study

TheM.A. programme extends over four semesters. It is a 70-credit programme, with 50 credits for mandatory courses and 20 credits for optional courses, 4 of which may be obtained from other departments. Students may take further courses, up to a maximum of 80 credits, keeping in mind the department schedule.

The M.A. programme covers different areas of English Studies (Language and Literature) like Shakespeare and the Seventeenth Century; Eighteenth Century, Romantic, Victorian and Modern British Literature; American Literature; New Literatures and Indian Writing in English; Literary Criticism and Theory; Structure of English Language and other aspects of language study like Stylistics, Sociolinguistics and English Language Teaching. Whenever possible, instruction is provided in small classes through discussion and individual work.

The M.Phil. is a two‑semester programme which includes course work of 18 credits and a dissertation. The courses relate to each candi­date's area of interest in which the dissertation will be written, and to core areas of study. The programme includes written examinations for the course work. The dissertation is written on a topic approved by the Department and under the supervision of a faculty member. Candidates are expected to give a pre-or post-submission seminar on their research topics. The dissertation is examined by both internal and external examiners.

For admission to the M.Phil programme, applicants MUST submit, along with the application, a brief description (about 500 words) of their proposed topic of research.

The Ph.D. programme normally extends over a minimum period of two years from the date of admission. The programme comprises mandatory course work for 6 credits in the first semester and a 4 credit course each in the second and third semesters, geared to individual requirements. Students are required to write a dissertation on an approved topic under faculty guidance and take an oral examination.

Applicants for admission to the Ph.D. programme MUST submit, along with the application, a brief description (about 1000 words) of their proposed topic of research and a copy of their M.Phil. dissertation, which will be returned in due course.

The Department enrolls students for research both at the M.Phil. and at the Ph.D. level in all major areas of English Studies i.e., Literature, Language, Culture Studies, Comparative Literature and Translation. The choice of research topic is dependent on availability of faculty and expertise. The Department Research Committee will help both M.Phil. and Ph.D. students to choose their topics and supervisors.