National Needs-Global Standards

Institution of Eminence (IoE) Directorate

Dr. Zakir Hussain UPE Lecture Hall Complex
University of Hyderabad
Prof. C R Rao Road, Gachibowli 
Hyderabad-500046, Telangana 


Pramod K Nayar
(Department of English)

Debashis Acharya
(School of Economics)
Additional Director

(School of Chemistry) 
Sharmistha Banerjee

(Department of Biochemistry)
Kailash KK
(Department of Political Science)

India's Institution of Eminence

Designed by Aakash Dinkar and Anakha Ajith

The Institution of Eminence status, accorded to the university in September 2019, is a recognition of UoH’s standing, ability and potential to move into the league of the world’s best institutions.

With the additional funding, autonomy and support from the Government of India, we are positioned and mandated to figure in the World’s 500 Best Universities in the next few years.

The university’s application, weighed and scrutinised thoroughly for its administrative, academic, financial plans, was prepared through a three-month consultative and deliberative process across all Schools and Departments of the University.

We now embark on its implementation.  As a first step, an empowered IoE Directorate has been constituted through a University order.

Road map
The IoE Directorate has prepared a roadmap. As of date, it has met in its deliberative process, first Heads and Deans of all Schools/Departments, then faculty of all Schools/Departments. Starting in the new term, it will meet Research Scholars in similar fashion.

Logo Competition
The Directorate’s first step was to announce a logo competition for its students. A design has been finalized by a jury from the entries received and will be unveiled shortly.

Putting students first
IoE’s emphasis is, first and foremost, its students. It seeks to enable and facilitate improved services, facilities, quality of research opportunities, visibility, collaborations, innovative programmes and courses. The IoE tagline ‘national needs, global standards’ is to be geared towards academic, financial and administrative support for all its students. A range of plans is being developed towards conferences/workshops (organising, attending), financial aid (travel, research grants), capacity-building programmes, information-dissemination, campus-services, academic assistance, among others.

Our goal
IoE prepares UoH eminent students as the most sought-after employees, researchers and faculty by organisations across the globe.

Capacity Building
IoE also wishes to enable capacity-building among the non-teaching and ministerial staff in the form of training programmes across various levels and domains of expertise. To this end, a slew of measures to enable them to attend and organize such programmes is being drawn up.

Boost to faculty output
A university’s global visibility relies heavily on its faculty output. IoE will be funding research projects, outreach activities, capacity-building measures from its faculty. Proposals have been invited for new projects, ideally interdisciplinary and innovative, from faculty.

Departments and Schools have proposed teaching programmes, and some of these will start off in June 2020.

For UoH, the IoE is the best opportunity in its history to leverage its existing reputation, practices and services to catapult our students into the best and highest leagues globally.

Notice for IoE Nodal Officers

We look forward to working with all stakeholders towards this goal.

IoE Directorate Activities : Oct (2019)- Mar (2020)
Report of the IoE March-Jul 2020
IoE Directorate Reorganization
Governing Board
Governing Board – Powers and Functions
Research Steering Committee – Group A
Research Steering Committee – Group A – Powers and Functions
Research Steering Committee – Group B
Research Steering Committee – Group B – Powers and Functions



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