As the entire world is facing an unprecedented threat posed by COVID19, the immediate challenge is to prevent the spread of this viral disease. In these dire circumstances, it is imperative for all of us to be responsible for our own actions, avoiding finding mistakes in others’ actions. What is required at the moment is a concerted effort from every member of the community to sustain “social distancing” until we are confident that the virus is no more a threat.

Over the last week or so, the Covid-19 crisis management team has been working 24/7 to keep track of national and state-level notifications and come up with appropriate measures to contain the spread of the virus on our campus. All steps taken so far have been in response to the rapidly changing situation, firmly keeping in mind the safety and welfare of our students, faculty, non-teaching staff, and their families who live on the campus.

The unprecedented escalation in lockdown announcements in Telangana and in many other parts of the country during the last 24 hours, combined with fresh advisories issued by UGC/MHRD to Universities, we are now facing the task of taking care of our students (nearly a 1000) who could not go home for a variety of reasons, including disruptions in transport networks. At the same time, we also have the responsibility towards the support staff who require protection for themselves by social distancing. This calls for actions on the part of the University that are sensitive to the needs of all sections of our community. I would like all of you to appreciate the challenge this poses to our collective will and lend a helping hand by acting in the best interests of all the constituents of our institution.

In view of the emerging situation, the hostel administration will plan for the stranded students to continue to stay in the hostels, albeit with minimal facilities and skeletal staff, while requiring them (both students and staff) to comply strictly with all the guidelines issued by public health authorities and the University administration.

I appeal to all my colleagues and staff members to come together at the time of this unprecedented crisis and extend a helping hand to others in the community. Please reach out to your respective research scholars and postgraduate students in your departments and, wherever possible, offer them psychological comfort and any material support as may be required. I profusely thank those of you who have already stepped out to extend such help.

If there are any specific cases of distress in respect of students, faculty and non-teaching staff that come to your attention, I request the Heads/Deans and faculty members to work closely with the DSW, the Chief Warden, and the CMO of the Health Centre to assist in planning an appropriate support system for them.





Vice Chancellor

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