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Health Centre

The Health Centre, managed by a team of doctors, supported by nurses and other para medical staff caters to the basic needs of the campus community. Any expenses related to medical emergencies and hospitalization will be borne by the parents/guardians of the students concerned. At the time of admission, an undertaking to this effect has to be given by the parents/guardians of the students.

A scheme for health insurance which is mandatory for all the students exists in the University to provide health care and to cover expenses towards in-patient treatment subject to a maximum of Rs. 15,000. All the students must apply for medical insurance in the prescribed form by a notified date. The insurance fee of Rs 260/- per annum is payable at the time of admission in July for freshers and along with the fees for the Monsoon Semester in the case of ongoing students. Those who do not pay the fees and do not submit the copy of the challan in the office of the Dean, Students’ Welfare will not be eligible for any kind of medical aid and their enrolment in the University will stand automatically cancelled.

Note: A detailed leaflet on the medical insurance scheme of the students will be provided to the students along with intimation letters of their provisional selection for admission and also to the wait-listed candidates.

Contact Persons:

Dr.P. Rajasree
Chief Medical Officer i/C
Tel: 23010206 / 23132402

Physical Education

The University campus is the centre for games, sports, recreational activities, and for several competitive programmes. There is a multipurpose playground on the campus for cricket, football, volleyball, ball‑badminton, tennis, basket­ball and athletic events. Modern facilities for physical conditioning are available at the New Indoor Gymnasium along with facilities for Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Chess and Caroms. Both intramural and extramural competitions are planned in such a way that students are able to participate regularly in games and sports activities throughout the year.

The University is a member of the Inter‑University Sports Board of India and its teams participate in zonal and all India Inter‑University tournaments regularly.

Contact Person:

Dr. K.V. Rajasekhar
Assistant Director
Tel: 23132440

Campus guest house

The University campus has a well-furnished Guest House in addition to the participants hostel (for participants of Academic Staff College refresher and orientation courses) and visiting scholars Guest house.

Contact Person:

Assistant Registrar
Tel: 23132107

Hostel Accommodation

There are altogether 10 hostels on the campus at present, of which seven are for men and the rest three are for women. Three men's hostels ('A', 'B' and 'D') are conventionally meant for those admitted to different P.G courses, while Men's hostel 'C', 'E', 'F' and 'G' are meant for M.Phil students, Research scholars (Ph.D), M.Tech, students and M.B.A students, respectively. Of the three ladies hostels, LH-I and LH-III are meant for P.G students, and LH-II is for Ph.D, M.Phil and M.Tech students.

The University cannot provide hostel accommodation to all the students admitted into various courses in view of the limited number of seats

Reservation of seats: Of the total number of seats in the hostels, 22.5% are reserved for candidates belonging to S.C/S.T. and 3% for physically challenged students.

Application procedure: Application forms for hostel admission can be obtained from the Chief Warden's office after the admission process to a course is completed. The duly filled in form in duplicate should be submitted in the Chief Warden's office. After scrutiny of the applications with regard to eligibility, efforts will be made to finalize hostel admission on the same day. However, in case of any reason for delay in finalization, the applicants should make their own arrangements for stay till the admission is finalized. Request for provision of accommodation temporarily will not be entertained.

The applicants should also note that those who have stayed in hostels of this university or any other University/College must enclose a certificate of residence in the hostel along with the form. Students of this university who after completion of one course join another course, should clear all the pending dues and apply afresh for hostel accommodation. Students who are given readmission also should similarly clear all the outstanding dues and apply afresh for hostel accommodation.

Students registered for a second P.G course (after completion of one P.G course), as also part time students are not eligible for hostel accommodation.

Rules concerning maximum period of stay in the hostels: Maximum period of stay of a student in the University hostel for his/her entire studies in the University shall not exceed eight years starting for admission to P.G course, subject to the following restrictions: 1. P.G course two years; 2. M.C.A - three years 3. M.Tech - two years; 4. M.Phil - one year and 5. Ph.D - five years.

Contact Persons:

Dr. Nagarju
Chief Warden
Tel: 23132505

Students' Welfare

The office of the Dean of Students Welfare looks after the welfare of the students with active support from the elected representatives of the students, faculty and administration. A Student Counselling Service by professionals is available in the University Health Centre. In case of any student requiring parental guidance, his/her parents will be informed accordingly.

There is a Students’ Union which caters to the students’ interests and promotes cultural and sports activities. The elections to the Students’ Union are conducted by the students themselves.

Discipline among students:
All powers relating to discipline and disciplinary action in relation to the students of the University are vested in the Vice‑Chancellor. He may delegate all or any of his powers as he deems proper to any of the officers of the Universi­ty specified by him.

Ban on ragging on the campus:
Ragging, use of drugs, drug trafficking and eve teasing, which are criminal offences, are strictly forbidden in the University and persons found indulging in such activities will be subjected to strict disciplinary and other action in keeping with the law of the land. Indulging in any criminal activity within or outside the University and any physical violence against fellow students and fellow residents will not be tolerated and will attract stern disciplinary action including rustication.

Committee on violence against women and sexual harassment: As suggested by the UGC, a Committee has been constituted with Dean, Students’ Welfare, Chief Warden, representative from Women Studies Centre, Women faculty members, Women students, Students’ Union and Teachers’ Association as members

Contact Persons:

Prof. E. Prakash Babu
Dean, Students' Welfare
Tel: 23132500


The University campus has a shopping centre, food court, post office, BSNL office, SBI ATM facility etc.