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UGC - Human Resource Development Centre (formerly ASC)

Courses offered:


The Center offers various Programmes/ Courses that include

a) Orientation Courses (OC) for a period of four weeks to train faculty in various Universities to understand the importance of linkage between education and society development, philosophy of education and paedogogical skills, research methodology /computer literacy and personal skill development

b) Refresher Courses (RC) for a period of three weeks in Sciences and Social Sciences to update the teachers with recent developments in their concerned disciplines

c) Short term coursesnot exceeding five days that include professional development courses for newly joined faculty, administrators, principals, technical officers and librarians; and

d) Seminars, Workshops and Conferences in Science and Technology not exceeding one- two days on defined themes.

Till March 31, 2017, the Human Resource Development Centre has conducted a total number of 321 Courses, which include 97 Orientation Courses and 224 Refresher Courses. The training imparted by the Human Resource Development centre has benefited around 11304 teachers from different states of the country since its inception. Apart from training, faculty is also taking up the teaching assignments and research guidance in their respective departments. UGC, New Delhi however defines the courses offered by the center yearly and the Center implements them. The courses approved by UGC and are being conducted by the center in the current year can be seen under the schedule 2017-18. Approved courses will be conducted as per schedule subject to a minimum number of 30 candidates.


Course Schedule – 2017-18: