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Rekha Pande, Ph.D. (Allahabad) - Women’s History, Women and Religion, Women’s Work in Organized and Unorganized sectors, Violence against women, Women’s Movements, Women and Globalization (Head of the Centre)

Tutun Mukerjee, Ph.D. (Osmania University) - Literary Criticism and Theory, Translation, Women's Writing, Theatre and Film Studies, Culture Studies

Bindu A. Bambah, Ph.D. (Chicago) - Particle Physics, Non Linear Dynamics (T), Women in Science and Gender issues in science.

P. Jyoti, Ph.D. (Osmania University) - Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship.

Sita Venka , Ph.D. (Osmania University) - Public Policy, Human Resource Management, E- Governance, Entrepreneurship and Women Studies.

Anita Jagota, Ph.D. (JNU) - Neurodegenearation and Brain Aging, Molecular Chronobiology, Cellular and Molecular mechanism underlying Post embryonic neural development. Identification of environmental and social factors influencing age related sleep disturbances in women.

Ajailiu Niumai, Ph.D. (JNU) - Gender, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and Development, Child and Society, Indian Diaspora, Philanthropy.

K. Suneetha Rani, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) - Commonwealth Literature, Women’s Studies, Comparative Literature, Translation.

Deepa Srinivas, Ph.D. -

M. N. Rajesh, Ph.D. (JNU) – Medieval Indian History, Socio-Religious Movements and Polity in South India and the Deccan, Tibetan History and Culture.