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Aloka Parasher Sen, Ph.D. (London) ‑ Ancient and Early Medieval Indian History, Socio‑Economic History of the Deccan, Women's History, Historical Archaeology and Urban History, Historiography

R.L. Hangloo, Ph.D. (JNU)‑ Medieval Indian History, Medieval Indian State and also specialist on Kashmir and Central Asia. 

Atlury Murali, Ph.D. (JNU)‑ Social and Cultural History of Colonial India with special reference to Freedom Struggle, Peas­ant Movements, Women's Studies, Environmental Studies and His­tory of Computers, Science, Technology and Medicine.

K. P. Rao, Ph.D. (Nagpur) – Field Archaeology, Pre and Proto History, Ancient Indian History, Iron Age, Megalithic Culture and Ancient Trade.  (on Sabbatical Leave 18.01.2016 - 17.01.2017)

Rila Mukherjee, Ph.D. (France) (Ph.D., Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris) – Economic History of Southasia, early modern European history, democracy and citizenship studies, maritime and oceanic history. 

Rekha Pande, Ph.D. (Allahabad) - Medieval Indian History, Socio-economic History, Women’s History, Religion, Society and Cultural History, Science & Technology. 

Sanjay Subodh, Ph.D. (Punjab) – Medieval Indian Historiography, Science and Technology and Medieval Archaeology.  (Head of the Department)

Associate Professors

R. Swarupa Rani, Ph.D (Hyderabad) - Social and Cultural History of Colonial India, Social and Cultural History of Deccan, Women’s History, Historiography.

Anindita Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. (London) – Modern Indian History, Modern Western Ideas and their Impact, Law and Society, Society and Culture.

B. Eswara Rao, Ph.D. -

Bhangya Bhukya, Ph.D. - (Warwick, U.K), Specialised in modern Indian history. Particularly interested in histories of subaltern communities, effects of power/knowledge, governmentality, dominance and subordination, nationalism and identity politics in nineteenth and twentieth century.

Assistant Professors

V. Rajagopal, (Senior Grade) Ph.D. (Wisconsin) - Modern Indian History, Social History, History of South India.

Rakesh Pandey, Ph.D. (London) – Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern India, Theories and Methods in History, Social and Cultural Theories

Rashmi, Ph.D.

V. J. Varghese, Ph.D. - (University of Hyderabad) - Economic History of Modern India, Transnational migrations, Making of modern subjectivities, Regional modernities.

Vijaya Ramdas Mandala, Ph.D.