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Distinguished Visitors



     Title of Lecture

     Host Department


Prof. Nina V Fedoroff
Penn State University, USA

and microarrays: from
Gene Regulations to
gene networks'

Dept. of
Animal Science

October 12,2006

Dr. R.A. Mashelkar
Director General, CSIR
'Making High Technology
Work for the Poor'
University Foundation
day Lecture
October 13,2006
Prof. Nicholas Ostlar
United Kingdom
'Language Endangerment' CALTS October 29, 2006

Prof. K R Sreenivasan
Abdus Salam, Director,
International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste,

'Cryogenic Turbulence'

School of

October 23,2006

Sri S S Gulzar
Padmabhushan Awardee
'Role of Langage in the
Evoltion of Cinema'
University Foundation
day Lecture
October 22,2007

Dr.Mangalampalli Balamuralikirshna

 Padma Vibhushan Awardee

'My Creations in Music' Dept. of Telugu November 1,2007
Prof. Ricardo Uauy
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London
'Nutrition for Optimal Brain Function Across the Life Course: Role of Essential Fatty Acids' Dept. of Biochemistry November 16,2007
Prof. Howard Sankey
Department of Philosophy,Melbourne University, Australia
'Science and Reality' Dept. of Philosophy January 24,2008
Prof. Sir Martin J. Evans FRS, Nobel Laureate
Director, Cardiff School of Biosciences & Professor Mammalian Genetics, Cardiff University, UK
'The two plaform technologies from embryonic stem cells' School of Life Sciences February 8,2008
Prof. Mrinal Miri
Padma Bhushan Awardee
Ramachandra Gandhi Memorial Lecture on 'The Spiritual and the Moral' School of Social Sciences and School of Humanties February 14,2008
Prof. G. P. Talwar
Director Research Talwar Research Foundation, New Delhi
Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row Memorial Lecture on 'Development of Products of Relevance' School of Life Sciences February 19,2008
Prof. Frits Stall
University of California, Berkeley
The Classification of Knowledge Accross the Centuries Department of Sanskrit Studies March 5,2008
Prof. Paul Greenough
University of IOWA, USA
Comparative Natural Disaster Studies School of Social Sciences June 26,2008
Prof. Sudipta Kaviraj
Colimbia University , USA
On Thick and Thin Religions: Reflections on Secularization Theory Dept. of Political Science July 23,2008
Prof. Ashish Nandy
Former Director, CSDS, New Delhi
Terror, Counter-terror and Self-destruction: Living with Regimes of Narcissism and Despair Dept. of Philosophy August 12,2008
Prof. Vijaylakshmi Ravindranath
Director, National Brain Research Centre, Gurgaon
Life and the brain Centre for Cognitive Science September 18,2008
His Excellency Mr. Bernd Mutzelburg
Ambassador of Germany to India
India and Germany - partners of choice in the 21st century Study in India Programme September 28,2008
Padmabhushan Professor T.K.Oommen
Emeritus Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
A Conceptual History of Social Exclusion and towards a strategy of Inclusioin Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy October 22,2008
Prof. P N Srivastava
Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
First Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Education Oration Lecture   November 17,2008
Sri Anil R. Dave
Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court
Launched the P G Diploma Course in Criminal Justice & Forensic Science Centre for Distance Education December 5,2008
Prof. Joseph H. Eberly
University of Rochester
Extreme Fast Light in EIT Media with Broadband Coherent Pulses School of Physics December 17,2008
Prof. Rajendran Raja
Director, Neutrino Observatory FERMILAB, Chicago
Opening Up the Neutrino Frontier School of Physics January 12,2009
Sri Arjun Singh
Hon'ble Union Minister for Human Resource Development
Chief Guest and delivered the XI Convocation Address   January 17,2009
Dr. Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh
Release of Knowledge and Innovation Park Logo   February 1,2009
Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri
Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC)
Foundation Day lecture on 'Development Strategies in a Climate Constrained World'   February 2,2009
Prof. S.R. Srinivasa Varadhan
Courant Institute, Dept. of Mathematics, New York University
Bhagavatula Rama Murty and Bhagavatula Saradamba Memorial Lecture on 'What is ITO Calculus?' Dept.of Mathematics and Statistics February 26,2009
Prof. Satish Chand Abbi
I.I.T. New Delhi
Scence Day Celebrations talk on 'Mysteries of Light: From Newton to Einstein' School of Life Sciences February 28,2009
Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan
Eminent Scholar in the field of Art and Culture and Hon'ble Member of Parliament
The First Sri Nataraja Ramakrishna Lecture on 'Art and Culture' S N School March 12,2009
Prof. David Kotz
Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts
Global Economic Crisis: Capitalism gone awry Dept. of Economics March 31,2009
Prof. Y V Reddy
Emeritus Professor in the Department of Economics and former RBI Governor
Presented the Achievers' Awards   April 15,2009
Professor Shiv K Sarin
Director, Professor & Head, Department of Gastroenterology G.B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi
Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row Memorial Lecture-2009 on 'Hepatitis B Virus: Mechanism of Persistence and Carcinogenesis' School of Life Sciences April 18,2009
Dr. Arvind Panagariya
Professor of Economics, & Jagdish Bhagwati Chair Professor of Indian Political Economy, Columbia University and Ex-Chief Economist, ADB
India: Growth, Poverty, Inequality and Economic Reforms Dept. of Economics July 16,2009
Prof. Valerian Rodrigues
Chairman, Centre for Political studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture   August 21,2009
Sri H K Dua
Editor-in-Chief, The Tribune (Chandigarh)
3rd CVS Sarma Memorial Distinguished Lecture on 'The Future of Print Journalism in India' S N School August 24,2009
Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao The Second Guntur Seshendra Sharma Endowment Lecture on 'Seshendra's Tryst with Prosody and Poetics' Dept. of Telugu Octobee 3,2009
Prof. Mushirul Hasan
former Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Milliea Islamia University
2nd Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Memorial Distinguished Lecture   November 10,2009
Dr. Harish Khare
Media Advisor to the Prime Minister of India and Distinguished Journalist
Making the State Work   November 14,2009
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Former President of India
Presented the Achiever's Awards and Inaugurated the Centre for Nanotechnology Building   November 14,2009
Prof. Johan Galtung
Director, Transcend
Democratic Development: As Event, Experience, Myth, Metaphor and Practice in South Asia Centre for Regional Studies November 25,2009
Prof. Daniel L Hartl
Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
Natural History of the Malaria Parasite and its Genome School of Life Sciences Deceember 7,2009
Prof. Inder M Verma
Irwin and Joan Jacobs Chair in Exemplary Life Sciences Laboratory of Genetics SALK Institute for Biological Studies
Gene and Cell Therapy: Medicine of 21st Century School of Life Sciences Deceember 8,2009
Prof. Jorg Hacker
President of Robert Koch Institute, Berlin
  School of Life Sciences Deceember,12,2009
Dr. Arvind Subramanian
Senior Research Professor Johns Hopkins University, USA
The New Global Imbalance after the Financial Crisis and the appropriate Policy Responses Dept. of Economics January 4,2010
Dr. Jagdish N Bhagwati
Professor, Columbia University, USA
Indian Reforms: Which Way Now Dept. of Economics January 12,2010
Dr. Fredrik Galtung
Chief Executive, Tiri, London
Introducing Corruption and Integrity Reform as Concepts in the University: Some Challenges for the 21st Century Dept. of Political Science January 28,2010
Professor Janet Maureen Thornton
Director, European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), UK
Bioinformatics at the Heart of Biology and Biomedicine School of Life Sciences February 3,2010
Professor Douglas Allen
Professor of Philosophy, University of Maine, USA
Mahatma Gandhi and Violence Today: Economic Violence and Swaraj Dept. of Economics February 11,2010
Professor George Cardona
Professor of Philosophy, University of Maine, USA
Panini and padakaras: Evidence of Early Arguments Concerning Segmentation Dept. of Sanskrit Studies March 3,2010