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Programmes of Study

The School offers Integrated M.Sc. (Physics) (in collaboration with Special Centre for Integrated Studies), M.Sc. (Physics), M.Tech. in IC Technology, Ph.D. in Physics, and Ph.D. in Electronics Science.

Integrated M.Sc. (Physics): This programme is of five – year (10 semester) duration culminating in a project. The courses taken by the students during the first five semesters are Mechanics and properties of matter, Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics. Waves and Optics, Electromagnetic Theory and Modern Physics and Atomic / Molecular Physics, Emphasis is on tutorials and problem solving.

M.Sc (Physics): This programme is of four semester duration. The first three semesters cover the fundamentals of the subject. The courses taken by all the students include Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics (2), Mathematical Methods (2), Nuclear Physics, Introductory Particle Physics, Solid State Physics, Laser Physics, Computer Applications, Electronics, Special Relativity and Electromagnetism, Electrodynamics, Statistical Mechanics, besides laboratory courses in Electronics, Solid State Physics, Digital Electronics, Lasers, Microwaves, Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics. There is a strong emphasis on problem solving and learning experimental techniques.

During the fourth semester, students may opt for one of the following specialisations:

a) Particle Physics and Field Theory
b) Solid State Physics
c) Laser Physics and Modern Optics

In addition, a student can opt for a course of 100 maximum marks among the current topics run in any inter-disciplinary subject/department of the University.

M.Tech.  ICT (Integrated Circuits Technology): This is a four semester programme with two semesters of course work and two semesters of project work. The programme is designed to impart broad based knowledge in Integrated Circuit Technology. All cutting edge technology aspects involving design techniques, fabrication techniques, numerical techniques required in the field of I.C. Technology will be covered. The curriculum involves theory courses covering semiconductor physics, digital systems design, special IC design (such as DSP), rf/microwave IC’s, IC fabrication techniques, MEMS, nano-devices, integrated optics and computer simulation techniques. The curriculum also includes laboratory courses covering all the above subjects. In addition to existing faculty, experts in this area, from both Govt. and private laboratories / industries, will be participating in this programme, both in teaching as well as in the project work.

Click here for M.Tech. ICT (Integrated Circuits Technology) Course Details:  

Ph.D.: Admission to the Ph.D. programme is open to M.Sc, M.Phil., and B.E./B.Tech. graduates. All students admitted into the Ph.D programme are required to undergo course work. Satisfactory completion of course work is a prerequisite for confirmation of Ph.D registration. This is a research programme with stud­ents undertaking research under the supervision of a faculty member, on a topic approved by the School. The student is required to show satisfactory progress throughout the period of research as well as fulfill other requirements prescribed by the School. The Ph.D. requirements include prescribed course work and submis­sion of research results in the form of a thesis and defence of the thesis in a viva voce.