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K.Anand Kumar, Ph.D. (Andhra) - Molecular Therapeutics. Functional characterization of DNA Topoisomerases in oncogenesis, HIV infection, neurotoxicity and Brain aging. (Professor – ILS) (Coordinator, Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility)

P. Prakash Babu, Ph.D. (UH) – Neurochemistry, Cerebral ischemia (stroke), stem cell therapy, cerebral malaria, brain cancer, cell death (apoptosis/necrosis) 

Associate Professors

Niyaz Ahmed A. S., Ph.D. (Manipal) – Molecular epidemiology and pathogenomics of infectious diseases including bacterial adaptation and evolution of survival mechanisms (Head of the Department).

K.P.M.S.V. Padmasree, Ph.D. (UH), AvH Research Fellow – Biotechnological applications of proteinase inhibitors (agricultural and human therapeutics), Bioenergetics of chloroplasts and mitochondria.

J.S.S. Prakash, Ph.D. (Hamdard University) – Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria, Functional Genomics, Molecular Mechanisms of Abiotic Stress Response.

Assistant Professors

M.Venkataramana, Ph.D (SVU) – Molecular studies on viruses causing Dengue and Chicken guinea fever in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Vaibhav Vindal, Ph.D. (CDFD, Hyderabad) – Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Bioinformatics.

N.Prakash Prabhu, Ph.D (Hyderabad) – Protein Strcuture, Stability and Folding.

Sunanda Bhattacharyya, Ph.D (Bose Institute, Kolkata) – Chaperosome.

Insaf Ahmed Qureshi, Ph.D. (Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi) – Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry and Crystallography.

G. B. Madhu Babu, Ph-D. (Max-Planck Institute, Germany) - Neuroscience, Molecular and Developmental Biology.

Nooruddin Khan, Ph.D. - Molecular Immunology/Infectious Diseases

Pankaj Singh Dholaniya