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Entrance Examination

The entrance examination for M.A./M.Phil/Ph.D. consists of two parts - Part ‘A’ and Part ‘B’. Part ‘A’ consists of objective type questions only (25 marks). The tests are designed to test candidate’s knowledge at appropriate level i.e. B.A. for admission to M.A. and M.A. for admission to M.Phil. /Ph.D. Part ‘B’ of M.A. entrance examination will consist of i) two questions of essay type to test the explanatory/ descriptive ability of the candidate in Urdu language/literature and general topics (50 marks), and ii) one question to determine the candidate’s capacity for understanding and explaining poetry/couplets/ nazm/rubai etc. (25 marks).

Part ‘B’ of the M.Phil. entrance examination will consist of a) two essay type questions to evaluate candidate’s knowledge of literary forms, history of Urdu literature and criticism (30 marks); b) short questions on Urdu language and literature (20 marks).

Part ‘B’ of the Ph.D. test will consist of i) two essay type questions (30 marks) and ii) short question/s on Urdu language/literature (20 marks).

The qualified candidates for M.Phil & Ph.D will have an oral test for 25 marks.