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List of Facilities available at SEST

Name of Equipment

  1. Glove box
  2. Fume hood
  3. Equipment related to wet chemistry
  4. Hot mounting press
  5. Grinding/Polishing equipment
  6. Abrasive cutting instrument
  7. Electro polishing equipment
  8. Twin jet polisher
  9. High energy ball mill
  10. Shaker type ball mill
  11. Heat treatment furnaces
  12. Optical microscopes
  13. Powder X-ray diffractometer
  14. Scanning Electron Microscope (TEG)
  15. Scanning Probe Microscope
  16. Nano mechanical testing equipment
  17. Differential scanning calorimeter
  18. Microwave sintering furnace
  19. Hardness testing equipment
  20. Wear testing equipment
  21. Creep testing machines (2)
  22. Universal testing machine