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School of Engineering Sciences & Technology

About the School

School of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST) was established in the academic year 2008-09 with an objective to “impart research-oriented education and pursue high quality research in emerging multi-disciplinary areas encompassing science, engineering and technology”. At present, SEST offers M.Tech. and Ph.D. programmes in Materials Engineering and in the near future, SEST intends to offer programmes in other frontier engineering disciplines. SEST provides an ideal environment to pursue cross-disciplinary research in engineering sciences and technology by taking advantage of the well-established facilities and expertise available within the School and on the University campus. SEST also collaborates with premier research institutions located in Hyderabad (namely DMRL, IICT, ARCI, NFC, NFTDC and RCI), most of which are also formally recognized as school’s external research centres. The school has been recognized for its excellence by the DST under its FIST programme. Apart from this faculty members receive grants for individual projects from a large number of funding agencies.

Programmes of Study

The School admits students to the M.Tech. as well as Ph.D. programmes in Materials Engineering.

The M.Tech. programme is of two years duration, of which the first two semesters will be devoted to course work. The curriculum lays emphasis on giving a broad exposure to all aspects of Materials Engineering, consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of the subject and students also take elective courses. The third and fourth semesters will be spent on a research project leading to a dissertation, which will have to be defended in a viva voce exam. The M.Tech (Materials Engineering) programme is approved by AICTE and all GATE qualified students are eligibile for a fellowship.

The Ph.D.programme involves carrying out research in the areas of interest to the faculty members of the School. The candidates have to undergo prescribed course work, the successful completion of which is a pre-requisite for confirmation of Ph.D. registration. After completion of coursework, the student will undertake research under the guidance of a faculty member of the School. The progress of the student is reviewed periodically by a doctoral review committee (DRC). Based on the recommendations of the DRC, research work can be carried out either within the University or at one of its formally recognized external research centres. The students are expected to actively participate in research seminars and submit progress reports of their research work. The Ph.D. requirements also include presentation of the research work in a comprehensive seminar prior to submission of the doctoral thesis and a subsequent oral examination in support of the thesis. All Ph.D. students are eligible to receive a University fellowship.