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Hindi Cell

In pursuance of the Official Language policy of the Government of India the University has established the Hindi Cell under the Registrar’s Office. The main activity of the Cell is implement the official language policy of the union, under the guidance of Official Language Implementation Committee of the University.

Some of the important activities of the Cell are as follows.
- Implementation of Official Language Policy of the Union.
- Implementation of Annual Programme, issued by Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs.
- Publication of Annual Report of the University in Hindi.
- Conducting and coordinating Hindi Language, Typewriting/Computer training classes to the employees of the University with the help of Hindi Teaching Scheme.
- Conducting Hindi Workshops for the employees of the University.
- Conducting Hindi Day/Hindi Fortnight Celebrations.
- Conducting Lectures of eminent persons of Hindi Language and Literature.
- Providing Hindi translation and typewriting facility to implement official language policy in the University.
- Participating actively in Town Official Language Implementation Committee’s meeting.
Hindi Officer : Dr. Shree Gyanmote
Telephone : (040) 23132129
E-Mail : : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more informaton: : Details of Hindi Cell