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Arun Kumar Pujari, Ph.D. (I.I.T.Kanpur) - Combinatorial Algorithms, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence. (On leave)   

Arun Agarwal, Ph.D. (I.I.T, Delhi) B.Tech. (I.I.T Delhi), SMIEEE, FIETE, FAPAS - Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks, Grid Computing.  

Hrushikesha Mohanty, Ph.D. (I.I.T.Kharagpur) - Distributed Computing, Software Engineering, Computational Social Science. (On leave)

C. Raghavendra Rao, Ph.D. (Osmania University), - Simulation & Modeling, Knowledge Discovery, Computational Intelligence. (On leave) 

P.N. Girija, Ph.D. (SVU) – Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, Human Computer Interaction, User Interfaces.

K. Narayana Murthy, Ph.D. (Hyderabad) - Natural Language Engineering. (Dean of the School)

Chakravarthy Bhagvati, Ph.D. (RPI, USA) - Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition.

Bapi Raju Surampudi, Ph.D. (UTA, USA) -  Neural Networks, Cognitive Modeling, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning.

Atul Negi, (University of Hyderabad), M.S.(I.I.Sc., Bangalore) - Pattern Recognition and its Applications, Computational Intelligence, Technology Enhanced Learning

Rajeev Wankar, Ph.D. (DAVV, Indore) – Parallel Computing, Grid Computing, Analysis of Algorithms.

Siba Kumar Udgata, Ph.D. (Berhampur) -Mobile Computing, Networks and Architecture.

Alok Singh, D.Phil. (University of Allahabad) - Combinatorial Optimization using Heuristic & Metaheuristic technciques.

Vineet C. P. Nair, Ph.D(Griffith University, Australia) - Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Multi-Agent Systems, Logics in Artificial Intelligence.

Associate Professors

S. Durga Bhavani, Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad) - Analysis of Algorithms, Fractal Geometry, Mathematical Modeling

T. Sobha Rani, Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad) - Bioinformatics, Machine Learning Techniques, Advanced Data Structures. 

V. China Venkaiah, Ph.D. (I.I.Sc, Bangalore) – Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms, Cryptography. 

Salman Abdul Moiz, Ph.D. (Osmania University) – Distributed Computing, Software Engineering, Disaster Recovery. 

K. Swarupa Rani, Ph.D. (Acharya Nagarjuna University) – Data Mining, Time-Variant Databases, Machine Learning.

Digambar Pawar, Ph.D. - Ph.D. (BITS, Pilani), M.Tech. (NIT, Warangal), B.Tech. (Andhra University)  – Digital Forensics, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security.

Nagender Kumar Suryadevara, Ph.D. (Massey University-New Zealand)- Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Time Series Data Analysis.

Assistant Professors 

Y.V. Subba Rao, Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad) –  Cryptography, Theory of Computation, DBMS, Data Forensics.

Wilson Naik, M.Tech.(JNTU), Network Forensics, Systems Security, Networking.

P. Anupama, Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad), M.S. (UMBC, USA) – Networking, Operating Systems and Graph Mathematical Morphology.

M. Nagamani, M.Tech. (JNTU, Hyderabad)  –  Speech Processing, Information Retrieval, Intelligent tutoring system, Cognitive psychology, Embedded Systems.

P.S.V.S. Sai Prasad, Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad)  – Data Mining, Rough Sets, Unix  and Network Programming.

Rajendra Prasad Lal, Ph.D. (Utkal University)  – Graph Algorithms, Mathematical Programming, Computational Geometry. 

N. Rukma Rekha, Ph.D. (Andhra University) – Object Oriented Analysis and Design, UML, Cryptography, Pervasive Computing, Software Engineering.

Anjeneya Swami Kare, Ph.D. (IIT-Hyderabad)  –  Area of Research: Graph Theory, Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science. 

Nekuri Naveen, Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad), MTech (SE),  B.Tech (CSIT) – Data Mining, Neural Networks, Optimization.

Md. Abdul Saifullah, Ph. D. (Anna University), MS (CSE, IITM) – Computer Networks, Algorithms.

Avatharam Ganivada, Ph.D. (University of Calcutta & Work carried out at I.S.I.), M.Tech. (University of Mysore) – Machine Learning and  Soft Computing.

Faculty of IDRBT


V.N. Sastry, Ph.D. (IIT, Kharagpur) - Networks, Multiple Criteria Optimization, Risk Modeling, Fuzzy Control.

Vadlamani Ravi, Ph.D. (Osmania University) - Fuzzy Optimization & Fuzzy Rule based classification models and applications.

B.M. Mehtre, Ph.D. (IIT, Kharagpur)– Information Security, Biometrics, Pattern Recognition, Image processing.

Associate Professors

M.V.N.K. Prasad, Ph.D. (B.H.U., Varanasi) - Image Processing and Security.

G.R.Gangadharan, Ph.D (University of Trento, Italy) - Internet Technologies, Information and Communication.

N. P. Dhavale, FPM (IIM, Calcutta) -  Payment Systems, IT Infrastructure

Assistant Professors

V. Radha, Ph.D (University of Hyderabad), Computer Applications, Multimedia, Databases and Internet.

M.V. Sivakumaran, Ph.D. (University of Hyderabad) - CRM, Internet Technology, Total Branch Automation Packages.

Rajarshi Pal, Ph.D. (IIT Kharagpur) - Visual Attention, Image Watermarking, Steganography, Videos Summarization.

N.V. Narendra Kumar, Ph.D. (TIFR) - Design, Modelling, Security Analysis of Systems including Operating Systems, Payment Protocols and Mobile Apps.

P. Shyam Kumar, Ph.D. (Pondicherry University) - Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Cryptography and Network Security, Internet of Things.

Nagesh B. Sristy, Ph.D. (NIT, Warangal) - Machine Learning,  Data Mining,  Big Data Analytics, Text Analytics, Database Systems


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